About Us


Jeff & Robbie Knox of Knox Farms are no different to most stud breeders because of the fascination and passion of always looking forward to ‘doing better’ in the next generation crop of calves.  It is humorous, but it’s true that livestock stud breeding becomes a lifelong obsession. Along life’s journey you hope to ‘get it right’. Taking advice and being fortunate enough to find smart mentors who are willing to share their knowledge helps enormously. To find really outstanding people who have the gift of wanting to share their thoughts and knowledge about our wonderful breed Fleckvieh Simmental and give guidance without any personal gain has helped us greatly. We would have never pushed ahead and attempted things that are difficult and sometimes disappointing without the encouragement of Thomas Grupp and Peter Massmann.


Knox Farms started in 1982 and quickly became interested in Simmental cattle.The formation of the Fleckvieh Society of Australia initiated in the mid1990s helped isolate out the original French late maturing hard doing types that caused disappointment. Travelling to see the enormity of the impressive gene pool that Simmental and Fleckvieh offers globally is why other breeds of cattle now struggle with line breeding using the same genetics. Fleckvieh Simmental has gained popularity around the world because of the muscle and milk duality of this breed which was first brought to our attention at the Dallas WSF Congress by the German delegation led by Ewald Rosenberger that called Simmental by the name of Fleckvieh. Subsequent visits to meet Peter Massmann in South Africa only confirmed we should start all over again and slaughter all our Canadian Simmentals of French derivation because our slaughterhouses here did not want giraffes.